Wardrobe door hinge installation skills, how to adjust the wardrobe door hinge?

Published: 2021-03-03 | View: 862 Back to list

Wardrobe style on the market of many, many consumers in the choose and buy when only pay attention to "face project", only care about chest is beautiful and practical, but in the use of the wardrobe in the future, need to be opened and closed chest, at that time, most those who want stand the test is the closet door hinge, if chest door hinge installation is unreasonable, in use process in the future, is bound to bring unnecessary trouble to the customer. 

Wardrobe door hinge

So how to install the cabinet door hinge? Bring you the wardrobe door hinge installation skills, friends can come to see oh.

A wardrobe door hinge installation skills Chest hinge is also often referred to as hinge in the course of study, basically use at the link of the hardware fittings of cabinet door and cabinet body.

1. Install hinge hinge cups: first of all, use flat countersunk particle board tapping screw to fix the hinge cups first, because the hinge cups will increase the plug phenomenon, you can use the machine to press the hinge cups into the door, and then use the pre-opening to fix, (or manually press into the door plate pre-opening can also be), and finally use the screwdriver to rotate the plug screw to completely fix the hinge cups.

2. Install hinge hinge seat: try to choose particleboard European special screw or pre-installed special plug to fix the screw, and then press it directly with the machine (because of the nature of the hinge seat with plug).

3. Install the hinge of the closet door: the way is relatively simple, just connect the hinge seat to the hinge arm, and then buckle the tail of the hinge arm downward, and finally gently press the hinge arm, and the hinge of the closet door is installed.