There are many misunderstandings when choosing hinges. How to choose?

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The choice of hinge must be a cold-rolled steel hinge with two holes and three-dimensional adjustable with strong bearing capacity. The weight is weighed by hand. A good cold-rolled steel hinge is very heavy, each weighing more than 100 grams. In addition, the thickness of the nickel-plated layer is at least 8μ to prevent rust. The other is the configuration of the number of high cabinet doors, which is also very critical, and it is also a place where many furniture vendors often cut corners. The principle is: cabinet doors under one meter are equipped with two hinges, and one hinge is added for every 50 cm increase over one meter.

Hinge misunderstanding

Hardware and furniture are matched. If the budget is limited, custom-made furniture is not expensive. It is also possible to choose some domestically produced brands; if the budget is sufficient, try to choose international big-name hardware hinges, such as Blum, Häfele, and Haifeller. Di Shi et al. In addition to choosing a brand, you also need to look at the categories under this brand. Everyone knows that in real life, the price difference between high-end series and low-end series of the same brand is sometimes very different. This is also the case for many furniture manufacturers, whole-house customizers, and cabinets in the industry. The common gameplay of "low-fitting, high-priced" is a common method of business, so experienced decoration owners usually purchase "invisible" hardware such as hinges and floor drains.

No matter how good hardware is, it has a longevity, and of course it also needs frequent maintenance, just like the regular maintenance of a car. Usually use a dry cloth to clean up the dust on the surface, do not scrub with acid and alkaline detergents. The door hinges of sink cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and spice cabinets, because they are in a damp and oily environment for a long time, if they are not cleaned and ventilated in time, the hinges are easy to rust. If you wipe it with lubricating oil every 2 to 3 months, it can be done in a few minutes, which can ensure the smooth opening of the hinge and effectively prevent rust. A high-quality hinge purchased at a high price will have a much longer service life. of.