How to quickly distinguish between good and bad cabinet hardware hinges?

Published: 2021-03-24 | View: 863 Back to list

1. Observe the details, the details can tell whether the product is good, you can see the gloss of the hardware hinge and whether the edges are smooth.

Cabinet Hardware Hinge

2. Look at the weight of the material. If the quality of the hinge is poor, the cabinet door will be easy to be leaned forward and closed after being used for a long time, loosening and sagging.

3. Listen to the sound, close the cabinet door, listen to the sound to distinguish between good and bad, the design of high-quality hinges even achieves a mute effect.

4. Hinges with different quality have different hand feelings. High-quality hinges have even rebound and soft strength.

5. In the acid-base salinity test, the corrosion resistance of a good hinge can reach 48-72 hours.

6. The service life of the hinge, the hinge life of a good domestic brand is 150,000 times. If it is used twice a day, it will be used for about 20 years.